BEZdz Q3B-1 Belgium transmission transformer preamplifier

What the benefits of using active or passive transmission transformers are:
Stable circuit impedance in all range frequency;
Eliminate the undesirable digital sound from CD player;
Modify the mid/highs and shows quite good performance’
Powerful bass;
Density of sound and resolution are much better than RC coupling circuit.


Belgium transformers, imbalance or balance output

Signal enhance 6DJ8 X 2, can be replaced by ECC88/6N1/6N6/6N11/6922/6H30/ECC85

Stabilivolt:WY4PX1, can be replaced by VR150/OD3

Rectifier tube:5Z2P X1, can be replaced by 5Z4P/5Z3P/5U4/U52/5Y3/5V4

Western Electric TRW capacitors coupling. ALPS blue shell 21 gears double potentiometer volume controlling. Three gears input controlling.

inductance filter, high-end 304 stainless steel plate, 110V-220V voltage switch.

Technical Data:

Input impedance: 50K

Output impedance: 600 ohm (balance or imbalance)

Output voltage: 2V (Maximum 3V) Tips:Please check out the input sensitivity of your power amp

Frequency Response: 30Hz-100KHz(+ -0.5DB)

S/N Ration: 100db

Distortion: lower than 0.2%

Gain: 10 db

Weight: 7.3KG, with package 9KG


BEZ is an amplifier audio supplier. After establishing the team in 1997, BEZ quickly became a well-respected maker of amplifiers in China. We carefully select components in order to contribute to sounds qualities. These components could be new or used. The used components mainly come from military and they have outstanding performance on sounds. We measure, test and experiment our collections to provide more ways for hobbyist to enjoy music.



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