T4D-5 300B

Class A single end monoblock valve power amplifier

ThisT4D-5 300B is one of the best models of BEZ power amplifiers.

If you are a 300B lover and seeking to more power with wonderful sounds, then this monoblock amp cannot be passed by. It comes up with PSVANE 300B which could be the best tube from China.

The circuit adopts direct current(DC) to supply the filament of 300B. This design can minimum the hum level of 300B tube. This model which was designed as a monoblock makes sure you get enough power for your speakers, meanwhile, lowest the hum level, guarantee the sounds quality.

Output and power transformers used are made by our BEZ. They are designed for audio use particularly.

There are two groups of RAC input sockets seperately located in the front and the back which help you to arrange your amps more convenient.

Opened, detailed, sweet, warm..., you can get very pleasant sound in this model, it is suit for Hi Fi listeners.

All point to point hand wiring feature always has better sounds than those amps using PCB.


American made AB Carbon Resistor


Chinese high quality red resistor for military use


American WEST capacitors, best for audio use.


U.K. BHC gold words electrolytic capacitor


Sweden RIFA long life electrolytic capacitor


Output transformer: BEZ made 75W single ended

Primary impedance
(K ohm)
Secondary impedance
Frequency Response
steel sheets width× lamination (mm)

Net weight (kg)

Available for tubes

75W-4.5K Single end/ BEZDZ


3.5K,4.5K variable



BEZ made power transformer: 350WB4

BEZ made
Power Transformers

Available for tubes
(screening layer between primary and secondary)
Steel Sheets width× lamination (mm)


Size (mm)





PSVANE 300B x 2, can replace with 300B098, 300BC, 4300

6π9 x 2, can replace with 6P9P/6AG&/6AK7

6C5P x 2, can replace with 6C5,6J5,6C5C

5Z3PA X2, can replace with 5U4G,5Z3P,274B,5Z4P

Western Electric TRW capacitors coupling

Two groups of RCA sockets each side of back and front

300B-98 adopts AC supply, 8 ohm output, noise voltage lower than 2 millivolt


Technical data:

Output power: 2 x 12W, maximum 2 x 16W

Frequency responds: 20Hz-30 KHz (±db)

Sensitivity: 0.4V

Distortion: when 2W, less than 1%

S/N ration: 98dB

Input impedance: 100K

Output impedance: 4 ohm/8ohm

Power consumption: 122W

Size:27L x 52W x 21H (CM)

Net weight: 18.4KG x 2

Gross weight: 22KG x 2(with package)

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